Angular is a front-end JavaScript framework for building web applications. It is developed and maintained by Google.

Angular is built on top of TypeScript, and uses a component-based architecture to build reusable and scalable applications. It also includes a dependency injection system, which allows you to manage the dependencies of your components in a modular and efficient way.

Lifecycle hooks as observable

One of trait of lifecycle in components and directives is that, you can not observe it. If you must do something within one of this lifecycle, you have to declare variable first and then assign value in hook. This can cause some problems, but there is a very simple solution. Check how you can omit this in a very easy way.

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State management in front-end application

You can find plenty of examples showing how state management libraries work, few people focus on it why do we need state management and what problems does it cause (solve?). In this article I will walk you through, step by step, what common application state issues might look like applications and how to deal with them regardless of whether you use because it doesn't matter what you use, only for what purpose.

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