Cypress is an open-source, front-end testing framework used to automate browser testing. It is built on top of Node.js and provides a comprehensive set of APIs for writing end-to-end tests that run in a browser.

Cypress is designed to make testing web applications faster and easier. It has a unique architecture that allows it to run tests in the same context as the application being tested, giving developers greater control and visibility into the testing process. This means that developers can easily debug and troubleshoot their tests in real-time, making the testing process more efficient.

Get multiple aliases at once without callbacks in Cypress

Aliases are a powerful feature in Cypress that allows you to create references to elements on a web page and use them in subsequent commands. However, it can be tedious to get multiple aliases one by one, especially if you need to reference a large number of elements. See how to write a command to get many aliases at once.

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